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We're all friends here! Parents and coaches at all PYSA activities are responsible for following these:

Don't let fines get the better of you. Be aware of the league rules that can cost your team money.

2016/2017 Plano Premier Invitational League - POSTING SCORES

Plano Premier Invitational League 


Home team will post the score.  You have two options:

Via Phone: 904-758-0875 (then press 1) or online.

Click HERE to post your scores online. 

Event ID is 53686

Pin is 1112

Game Number is on your schedule.

All teams  must have pictures of their players in their team account. 

Once you register you need to upload your official roster into the event. It must have your home association registrar's and coaches signature. 

PPIL does not allow player pass.

Home Association Information

Click Here

You must have your home association registration complete before you can register for league play.  DO NOT submit home association paperwork the day of your league registration deadline. 

Plano Premier League (Player Pass is Not Allowed)

Click Here

July 29th The deadline to register for the PPIL unless you are registered for the Boys/Girls Classic Qualifying Games

August 10th The deadline to register for the PPIL if you did not make Boys/Girls Classic League

August 23rd The season will begin

No Games Labor Day weekend

November 13th The season ends

Important Rule Change:

For the U11’s we will play 9v9, on a smaller field 75x47 and minimum roster size to register will be 12 with maximum roster size of 16.

For the U12 and above we will play 11v11, minimum roster size to register will remain 14 with a maximum roster size of 18 for U12-U14 and 22 for U15-U19.

This next soccer year will be a transitional year for us. Jumbo divisions will be used in every age group and the teams within each age group will be placed in a manner so that every division has equal talent and skill.  So if there are 38 teams in an age group we will have two divisions of 19.  The teams will be seeded 1-38 and placed tournament style between the two divisions.  Seeding of the teams will be vital and as such we will be looking at returning players, where the team played this past season and how they placed.

*Tournament play will not be used as a seeding tool as guest players can be used.

No Byes for F16S17

BYE Policy when offered

To keep your BYE your must have N+1.  That means you must retain 1/2 you players plus one.  If you have a roster of either 18 or 17 you must have 10 returning players. If you have an odd number you must round up.