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2018 Placement Games Schedule

Please click HERE for the 2018 Placement Games Schedule.

Questions about Home Association or League Registration?

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U12B-U14B Placement Games

Here is the link for the U12-U14 Placement Games for the Plano Premier Invitational League.

PYSA is always looking for more helpers!!

We're all friends here! Parents and coaches at all PYSA activities are responsible for following these:

Don't let fines get the better of you. Be aware of the league rules that can cost your team money.

Home Association Information

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You must have your home association registration complete before you can register for league play.  DO NOT submit home association paperwork the day of your league registration deadline. 



Important PPIL Dates:

August 8th                           PPIL Registration Ends

*When you register for the league it will ask if you will be playing in the Placement Tournament, all teams that say yes will be copied over into that event.

August 17-19th                   Placement Tournament

September 5th                    PPIL Season Begins

November 11th                   PPIL Season Ends

(Please do not schedule any tournament during league play)


For any questions please give the office a call at 972-422-7972 or email

Byes for F18S19

BYE Policy when offered

To keep your BYE you must have N.  That means you must retain 1/2 your players.  If you have a roster of either 18 or 17 you must have 9 returning players. If you have an odd number you must round up. This will be based on your spring roster. 


Teams Retaining a BYE:

The top 5 finishers in Division I will retain a BYE into Division I.

The top 4 finishers in Division II will retain a BYE into Division II.

The top 4 finishers in Division III will retain a BYE into Division III.

  *07B division is the exception to the above as they had a jumbo group for the two divisions

(07B- The top 6 finishers in Division I will retain a BYE in Division I, the remaining teams will go through the placement tournament for division placement.)


Promotion will only occur should one of the top 5 finishers from Division I decide to fore go their BYE for any reason, at which point the 1 st  and 2 nd  place finisher in Division II would be considered for movement to Division I.   


A team that receives a BYE in Division II or III has the right to Forfeit their BYE and try to qualify for a higher division.

*Any team that has a current bye in Classic League (boys or girls) but chooses to play in the PPIL will be placed in D1.