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PYSA is always looking for more helpers!!

We're all friends here! Parents and coaches at all PYSA activities are responsible for following these:

Don't let fines get the better of you. Be aware of the league rules that can cost your team money.

Byes for F21S22

Plano Premier Invitational League 21/22


To keep your BYE you must have N.  That means you must retain 1/2 your players.  If you have a roster of either 18 or 17 you must have 9 returning players. If you have an odd number you must round up. This will be based on your spring roster. 

Teams Retaining a BYE:

The top 2 finishers in Division I will retain a BYE into Division I.

The top 2 finishers in Division II will be  promoted  to Division I.

The top 2 finishers in Division III will be  promoted  to Division II.


*Any team that has a current bye in Classic League (boys or girls) but chooses to play in the PPIL will be placed in D1 if one of the previous offered byes makes Classic or does not return with half their Spring 2021 roster.

*If there is an imbalance of total number of games the Competitive Committee with the approval of the VP of Competitive may increase the number of byes.

Placement Tournament - August 13-15 and over flow will be August 21-22

All other teams in their given Division will have the option to play in the placement tournament.     As in the past, a team may decide to not play in the placement tournament and get placed in the lowest division. Openings will be available in all divisions.


Playing Format

For the U11-U12's we will play 9v9, on a smaller field 80x50 and minimum roster size to register will be 10 with maximum roster size of 16.

*a max of (3) 10U's  may play up to U11


For the U13 and above we will play 11v11, minimum roster size to register will be 12 with a maximum roster size of 18 for U13-U14 and 22 for U15-U19.


What is new for Fall 21 - Spring 22

A CPP may play a max of two games per day in the PPIL,  club passing with another team and playing with their home/rostered team.