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Competitive Rules

Rules for the PYSA Competitive Division (Plano Premier Invitational League)

For further detail, please refer to the FIFA Laws of the Game or North Texas State Soccer Association Rules.  PYSA adheres to NTSSA rules for all misconduct and disciplinary measures.

Field, Game Day, and Facilities Rules (Competitive League)

Parents and spectators are subject to the same general rules and conditions of PLANO YOUTH SOCCER which apply to coaches and players. They should also comply with the rules and regulations of the Plano Parks & Recreation Department governing the use of the playing facilities.

  • No Warming Up in the 18yr box.
  • No Dogs are allowed.
  • Smoking is permitted in the parking area only.
  • No climbing on the fences.
  • Running up and down the sideline addressing the players and the referee is not permitted.
  • Children need to be kept away from the sidelines to prevent injury to them.
  • No parents or spectators are permitted to cross the middle of the field before, during halftime or after the games. This includes children playing on the field during halftime.
  • Noisemakers are prohibited (including, but not limited to, cowbells, rattlers, blow-horns, fog horns, drums, portable stereos, gongs, and voice amplifiers)
  • At the finish of the game, the coaches and players should quickly clear the bench and move to another area for team discussions and cool down. This enables the incoming team a chance to warm up before their game.
  • All parents and spectators must stay at least 5 feet away from the touchline during game play. Observance of the 5-feet Safe Play Rule will reduce the likelihood of collisions between spectators and players, and spectators and referees.
  • It is your team’s responsibility to pick it up – that includes “tape”. If you notice trash when you get to your bench, please notify a league official immediately and it would be appreciated if your team could then pick up the trash and dispose of it in a trash can. Teams may be fined for leaving trash on the field. It is the player’s responsibility to pick up the trash on their side and the same for the parents.
  • Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
  • Golfing is prohibited.

Plano Youth Soccer's enforcement of its rules is limited to its respective jurisdiction of teams, players, spectators, officials, etc within its program scope and not the general public.  However, if a citizen chooses not to comply with a request by PYSA regarding a league regulation, then the citizen may be in violation of City Ordinance 15-3(3) which prohibits the disturbance or interference with a scheduled park activity.

Each sports association approved to utilize the City of Plano's sports fields may adopt and enforce rules for its membership that are more restrictive than Plano's Code of Ordinances, but not less restrictive


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