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Competitive Registration

Plano Youth Soccer Questionnaire

*Link will be live 6/1/20


Any team that will either register home association through Plano Youth Soccer Association or play in the Plano Premier Invitational League will have to first register in the Plano Youth Soccer Questionnaire before moving forward.  We are doing this in hopes of preventing teams from missing a step in registration.

You will receive an email from Gina White with the appropriate links at the end of June. 

Please click on the document below with instructions for register for Home Association and the Plano Premier Invitational League.


Fall 2020 PPIL Dates

August 4th                           PPIL Registration Ends

(may change if deadlines for Boys and Girls Classic games change)                                           

*When you register for the league it will ask if you will be playing in the Placement Tournament, all teams that say yes will be copied over into that event.

August 14-16th                   Placement  Games

August 22-23rd                   Overflow week for the placement games

September 12th                   PPIL Season Begins

November 8th                      PPIL Season Ends

(Please do not schedule any tournament during league play)

Registration Events

If you are uncertain if you have registered for any event please log into your Got Soccer team account and look over your Event History.

Home Association Link will be Available Monday 7/1/2019

Please make sure your Got Soccer Team Account is up to date. If you do not already have an account, create a Got Soccer Account now. 

If you have any questions on registering your team for Home Association through Plano, please contact the PYSA office at 972-422-7972

(Hours:  M-F  8a-5p) or email Gina White.



All forms can be found on the NTSSA Website,

Age Chart 2019-2020

Team/Club Fact Sheet

Team Club Sheet Parent/Player Signature Page

Competitive Player Registration Form (this may not be signed before 7/1)

Competitive Add/Transfer/Delete Form

Medical Release Form

Team Name Change

Release Form

2019/2020 Plano Premier Invitational League

Plano Premier Invitational League 

Home team will post the score.  You have two options:

Via Phone: 904-758-0875 (then press 1) or online.

Click HERE to post your scores online. 

Event ID is 74528

Pin is 1122

Game Number is on your schedule.
All teams  must have pictures of their players in their team account. 

Once you register you need to upload your official roster into the event. It must have your home association registrar's and coaches signature. 

Please click the Notify Button to alert the league that you have uploaded a new roster.   Click the icon below for instructions on how to click the Notify Button

PPIL does not allow player pass.


PPIL Coaching Conflicts

Please fill out this form to submit your conflicts for the Fall 2020 season. Conflicts are due by Friday August 14th.

League Fees- Cover the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Seasons

11U-12U (9v9)        $1,850

*12U (11v11)            $1,950

*playing time and referee fees will not change

13U-14U (11v11)    $1,950

15U-19U  (11v11)   $1,750

Teams are responsible for paying for one Assistant Referee an one-half the pay of the Referee.  Please pay EACH in exact change

Referee Pay Rates

Placement Tournament Fees (referee rates are not included)

BYES- $250

11U- $250

12U-19U - $400

Upcoming BYE information:

Byes for F20S21


For example if you played 15 games and you had 40 points your points per game would be 2.67. 

Plano Premier Invitational League 20/21

To keep your BYE you must have N.  That means you must retain 1/2 your players.  If you have a roster of either 18 or 17 you must have 9 returning players. If you have an odd number you must round up. This will be based on your spring roster. 

Teams Retaining a BYE:

The top 2 finishers in Division I will retain a BYE into Division I.

The top 2 finishers in Division II will be promoted to Division I.

The top 2 finishers in Division III will be promoted to Division II.

(08G 11v11- bye will be issued to the top team, so in the U13 Girl's this coming year there will be 5 byes issued for D1)

*Any team that has a current bye in Classic League (boys or girls) but chooses to play in the PPIL will be placed in D1 if one of the previous offered byes makes Classic or does not return with half their Spring 2020 roster.

*If there is an imbalance of total number of games the Competitive Committee with the approval of the VP of Competitive may increase the number of byes.

Placement Tournament - August 14-16 and over flow will be August 22-23

All other teams in their given Division will have the options to play in the placement tournament.   As in the past, a team may decide to not play in the placement tournament and get placed in the lowest division. Openings will be available in all divisions.


Playing Format

For the U11-U12's we will play 9v9, on a smaller field 80x50 and minimum roster size to register will be 10 with maximum roster size of 16.

*U10's may not play up to U11

We will again offer a division this year for the U12's who wish to play 11v11, minimum roster size to register will be 12 with a maximum roster size of 16 . They will play on a large field but their player time and referee fees will not change.  

For the U13 and above we will play 11v11, minimum roster size to register will be 12 with a maximum roster size of 18 for U13-U14 and 22 for U15-U19.


New to Competitive?

Please click on the document below. 


Registration to play in the placement games has closed, if you wish to play in the lowest division please send an email to Gina White,

Teams Travel Procedures

Any team going outside of the NTSSA boundaries (including into South Texas) must have a Travel Application approved by North Texas.

You must apply for permission to travel which is available in your Gotsoccer team account through eTravel (30) days prior to the tournament

How to Apply for Permission to Travel/eTravel

  • Apply (30) days before Event (tournament)
  • Late Charge of $5.00 a day.
  • $25.00 Fee per Application